Music is what Epping Chorus is all about and we take pride in our performances.


Music is chosen that is challenging in their harmonies to enable us to develop as a choir yet is always enjoyable to learn and perform.

Our rehearsals culminate in a formal concert or service which are often accompanied by a full orchestra.


Professional soloists sing with us when pieces demand so our overall sound is a high quality output that we record for our future listening. Watch out for our Recordings page that will have samples of our previous works that will be available shortly.


Our music is challenging to enable us to become better singers and produce a quality output within concerts. But above all, we are there to have fun and pride in what we do.​

We perform on a regular basis (approximately 6 times per year). We always sing from copies of music so there is no worry about remembering long scores.

Our performance schedule page details all up coming concerts and services. Click here to view.


Our choir is proud of the musical pieces that we have performed in the past. We have a page that lists the more recent pieces that we have performed. Click here to view.



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